Blacknoise Noiseblocker B12-1/B14-1 - Worlds Best Quiet FANs out there !


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I wanna recommend you guys fans by the German Company called Blacknoise.
These are the most quiet fans on the market and perfect for all off your needs.
I built a lot of computers since I am a professionell custom computer builder from Germany so I put them in a ton of computers out there.
If a computer has to be absolutely silent I always use them... You won't find anything better then them!
You can easily use 15+ of them and you will not hear anything!

Some specs which I can guarantee you are absolutely true :)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-17 um 11.10.53.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-17 um 11.11.08.png

Go and check them out :

You can buy them on Amazon aswell as on other stores world wide

Example Links

Examples of my Builds I've done for customers - I only used these fans.

IMG_20190406_174147.jpgIMG-20181103-WA0005.jpg10.jpg.pngToby's Build.png