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Before posting your queries, several common questions have been already answered and some exists in the sticky threads in the Laptop support forum.

Read this post before you start your journey with your laptop before posting your doubts and queries...

If you ask a question which has been answered by this FAQ, you'll likely be directed right back to this FAQ.

As this is a specific FAQ thread, so please do not ask questions regarding issues you're having. If you have any topic to discuss with or have any question to ask, please use the appropriate forum and open a separate thread instead. If you have something you'd like to add to this thread, feel free to reply here.

Q. Is my Laptop compatible?
Read the compatibility overview: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/read-me-first-laptop-compatibility.133/

Q. Where do i start?
Before you start, read the compatibility for the laptop hardware: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/read-me-first-laptop-compatibility.133/

If your laptop supports UEFI Booting, use Clover. If your laptop doesn't support UEFI booting, better to switch to clover as it can boot legacy BIOSes too. And of course there are several advantages when using Clover as a bootloader.

Before you start with the installation, find the complete hardware details of your laptop as it will help you at the time of pre and post installation.

The details you would require are as follows:
  • CPU model
  • Chipset
  • Graphics
  • RAM
  • Audio Codec
For a laptop, these details are must so that you follow the correct installation method/guides.

To find the CPU model and Chipset, you can use CPU-Z.
For Graphics and RAM, you can find the information under CPU-Z.
For Audio, you can find the information under Device Manager. See here:

Also make sure that your hardware details is available under your profile. Do not use signature to provide the details. You can use the signature for other systems which you have.

To edit your profile, you can find the User Menu at the bottom. Just click on Account Details and you can enter/update the details over there. You can also edit your profile by using this link: https://www.elitemacx86.com/account/account-details

For a laptop, the four fields are necessary. The four fields must be filled out as follows:
  • Laptop: Manufacturer/model
  • CPU: CPU model + motherboard chipset
  • Graphics: Available graphics device + laptop internal screen resolution
  • Bootloader: Clover(UEFI/Legacy)

For example, typical Kaby Lake laptop from ASUS:
Laptop: ASUS VivoBook X510UA
CPU: Intel Core i3-7100U/HM76
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620, 1920x1080
Bootloader: Clover(UEFI)

The profile is for the current hardware, you're seeking for support. Once you complete the hardware, you can use it under your signature. Use Signature for your rest hardware.

To edit your signature: https://www.elitemacx86.com/account/signature
Please provide your signature details for each specific system in a single line.

Q. Can i still download Sierra?
Yes, you can.
Refer here: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT208202

Q. What if i don't have access to a Mac?
To download macOS, you need to have access to Mac App Store. As App Store is only available on macOS, you'll need a Mac or a working hack to access it.

If you don't own a Mac, you have possibly two choices:
Borrow a Mac from someone you know in order to download macOS and prepare your installation USB.
Purchase a Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion DVD from Apple. Install OS X on the target computer using Clover. Get it working with the installed version with built-in Ethernet, you can access the Mac App Store, download macOS and then create a installation USB.

Borrowing a Mac is probably easier than the alternative route. Getting old version of OS X to run on new hardware can be a issue and might not be stable.

Q. Is there any guide for my Laptop?
Yes, the guides are available.
For 10.14.x: https://www.elitemacx86.com/forums/mojave-laptop-guides.42/
For 10.13.x: https://www.elitemacx86.com/forums/high-sierra-laptop-guides.43/
For 10.12.x : https://www.elitemacx86.com/forums/sierra-laptop-guides.44/

Q. How to install kexts?
There are several ways of installing kexts. Some of the apps are Kext Utility, Kext Beast and Kext Wizard.
It's very easy to install kexts without any apps using terminal only
Read here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-installing-kexts.259/

If you've installed a kext with incorrect permissions or wrong location, you must remove it:
sudo rm -Rf /Library/Extensions/KextToRemove.kext
sudo rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions/KextToRemove.kext
After installing kexts, it's important to rebuild the cache
sudo kextcache -i /
Q. Is it possible to install with existing Windows installation?
It can be possible. But not recommended. Always do a clean installation and then install Windows. The Dual Boot installation guides are available. For more information, read here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/forums/multi-boot.54/

Q. Do I need to set DVMT-prealloc to 64MB?
Setting DVMT to 64 is required and it can avoid several graphics issue. This requirement is not only for laptops but for desktops too.
But a majority of manufacturers don't give option to change the DVMT. DVMT can be set from EFI shell method but can be trouble for encrypted BIOS. The only workaround is to patch the framebuffer to match your BIOS settings. Commonly the 32MB DVMT is set on Broadwell/Skylake and Kaby Lake.

Refer here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-how-to-unlock-dvmt-pre-allocated-on-laptops.313/

Q. Is Coffee Lake supported?
Yes, coffee lake is supported.

The coffee lake CPUs are natively being recognized on macOS High Sierra. However there are graphics notes. See below
Q. Is Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake-R Graphics supported?

A. Yes, the above graphics are supported. Not natively but spoofed. You can use the KBL graphics drivers by using FakeID/IntelGFX and FakePCIID.kext + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext. The FakeID setting is already present in the Kaby Lake plists from RehabMan.

More has been covered here:

Q. Are NVMe drives supported?
Yes, with release of High Sierra, the NVMe drives are supported natively. For Sierra and prior, you can use Pike R. Alpha patch in the Kernel and Kext patches section and can utilize NVMe drives.
For Sierra: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/nvmefamily-kext-bin-patch-data/

Q. Can i use NVMe as a system/boot drive?
Yes, you can use NVMe as a system or the boot drive.

Q. Are QHD/4K/UHD displays supported?
Yes, QHD/4K/UHD displays are supported but has several requirements.

  • Patched IOKit Framework.
  • Patched framebuffer.
  • DVMT-prealloc needs to be set to 96MB or 128MB in BIOS.

Q. How to fix errors in my DSDT and SSDTs?
For most of the time, the error is due to the improper extraction of the ACPI files. A guide is available for the DSDT and SSDT patching. Read here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-how-to-patch-laptop-dsdt-and-ssdts.178/

Q. My Keyboard/Trackpad doesn't works. How do i fix it?
Keyboard/Trackpad depends on the PS/2 drivers. Commonly PS/2 devices are from Synaptics. RehabMan has been continuing to provide good support for Synaptics PS/2 devices.

Read here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller

On other hand, some trackpads can be I2C trackpad which needs a different drivers from PS/2.
Alexandare Daoud has written driversfor I2C devices. Read here: https://github.com/alexandred/VoodooI2C

Q. My USB ports aren't working.
The USB guide has been covered here:

Q. Camera, Bluetooth are not working.
Non working of Camera and Bluetooth is a USB issue.
Refer here:

Q. Is my Card Reader supported?
For most of the time, the Card Reader isn't supported as most of them are on PCIe bus. However the card reader on the USB bus can be made to work.

Here's a work in progress driver for Realtek and other Card Reader : https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321080-sineteks-driver-for-realtek-rtsx-sdhc-card-readers/

Q. Audio is not working. How do i fix it?
Audio works best when patched with AppleHDA.
AppleHDA Guide for Beginners:

With VoodooHDA, the Audio will likely work but will not have best sound quality. On laptop, VoodooHDA is not recommended.

Q. Ethernet is not working. How do i fix?
Ethernet differ from chipset to chipset and vendors.

Here are some common drivers created by Mieze which has been ported from Linux:

Realtek GbE:

Realtek FE:




Q. WiFi/Bluetooth is not working. How do i fix it?
WiFi and Bluetooth depends on the model you've. To find the WiFi model, you can use DPCIManager and look under PCIList
All WiFi are not compatible on Mac. Even some of the model are compatible, they are not fully supported.

Note :
  • Intel WiFi, RaLink WiFi, and Realtek PCIe WiFi are not supported and must be replaced with a compatible WiFi hardware.
  • Most laptops have Intel WiFi, which is unfortunately not supported.
  • Here are some best choice for the WiFi with all the functionality and fully supported.
- Broadcom BCM94352HMB (Half Mini PCIe)
- Broadcom BCM94352Z (M.2 NGFF), known as DW1560
- Broadcom BCM943602BAED (M.2 NGFF, ), known as DW1830

Some BIOS have "whitelist" which prevents you from installing cards that the OEM has not marked compatible. In many cases, you won't know whether your BIOS implements a whitelist until you attempt to replace the WiFi card.

If your laptop implements a whitelist, you may be able to rebrand a supported card to the IDs that your BIOS supports. You can then use FakePCIID.kext to convince OS X of the true identity of the device.

Note :
  • The newer laptops do not use Half Mini PCIe, but NGFF, M.2.
  • Before you attempt to replace the WiFi hardware, make sure the hardware matches to your laptop.

If you only need to work with WiFi and no Bluetooth there maybe more choice.
Some of them are:
  • Atheros AR9280(AR5BHB92) is natively supported.
  • Atheros AR9285
  • Atheros AR9565/956x
  • Atheros AR9485

Q. I'm unable to turn off the Bluetooth
This is when using a unsupported hardware. The WiFi and Bluetooth might work but you won't be able to get all the functions as it's not fully supported. Better to replace with a compatible WiFi hardware.

Q. Can i use a USB WiFi Adapter?
Yes, you can use a external WiFi adapter but it's not recommended. For some manufacturer, it can be difficult to find the device driver. Also it can cause some instability especially with sleep/wake function and can cause kernel panic.

Q. Brightness does not works. How do i fix it?
Brightness doesn't works by default. You'll need to implement the brightness control.

Q. Brightness hotkeys does not works. How do i fix it?
A. To fix the brightness hotkeys, you'll need to determine the method and the keyboard driver. Read here:

Q. Battery meter is not working. How do i fix it?
Read here:

Q. My battery drains quickly. How do i fix it?
For a laptop, it's necessary to implement the power management and backlight control.

Also if you're having a dual gpu based laptop, you'll need to disable the discrete graphics device in order to save the battery and produce less heat.

Q. Is there any way to enable NVIDIA or AMD Graphics in Laptop?
Yes, if it's not optimus. If the Intel HD Graphics has been disabled by the manufacturer which is very rare.

Q. Sleep is not working. How do i fix it?
For a working sleep function, power management must be implemented correctly.
Also a well patched DSDT/SSDT is required. Can vary from laptop to laptop.
For most of the time, the sleep is likely to be broken due to USB.

Q. Before login screen, there is a glitch. How do i fix it?
This glitch is referred as garbled boot screen. This is due to the less DVMT prealloc

Q. HDMI doesn't works. How do i fix it?
For a working HDMI, make sure the Graphics is working correctly and you use a valid ig-platform id.

Q. HDMI Audio doesn't works. How do i fix it?
HDMI audio doesn't works by default. HDMI has several requirements.

For Sandy/Ivy/Haswell and Broadwell, renaming of BOD3 to HDAU is must. The other requirements are listed below.
  • Inject "hda-gfx"="onboard-1" for HDMI Audio
  • Layout id injection
  • A patched framebuffer
  • Patched AppleHDA in S/L/E

Q. Connecting to HDMI Monitor results to immediate crash/reboot. How do i fix it?
When using AppleHDA, make sure that you also implement HDMI audio to fix the hotplug issue.

Some coffee lake laptops have the internal disaply connected to the Intel GPU and HDMI/DP port connected to the NVIDIA GPU. As the optimus switching doesn't works, so the HDMI/DP will not work. Doing so will result in a instant crash or a system restart.

Q. When using Headphones, i've distortion. How do i fix it?
Is a common issue with few audio codecs.

Q. My DSDT has errors. How do i fix the errors?
Make sure you extract your DSDT and SSDT using correct method.
And you also dissemble all of your DSDT and SSDT not only a single DSDT or the SSDT.

Q. My Mac App Store doesn't works. How do i fix it?
For a working App Store, the Ethernet bulletin must be set to "en0". So make sure your Ethernet is working properly. It's also possible that you've some other devices set at "en0" such as WiFi or Bluetooth or the external WiFi adapter.

Q. What are problem reporting files?
No problem can be diagnosed without complete information. Describing the exact scenario doesn't helps in all the case.
Also, make sure that your profile is filled as per the this FAQ.

Problem Reporting
In case you're not able to boot, provide the files below.

Screen shots :
  • Verbose photos
  • BIOS settings
  • Boot menu
Clover Files :
  • Compress EFI/Clover, exclude the themes folder. Do not include complete EFI folder.
  • Boot using the USB, press F2 at Clover.
Put all files in a folder with your name, compress files as Zip and attach files using site attachments only. Do not use any external links.

  • If you can boot, but are having some other problem, describe the problem clearly and provide the problem reporting files.

  • Copy of IOReg
  • Photo, wherever possible
  • Boot logs from Clover Configurator/DPCIManager
  • Kext cache output
sudo kextcache -i /
Clover Files :
  • Compress EFI/Clover, exclude the themes folder. Do not include complete EFI folder.
Other Files :
  • For individual guides, if there's problem reporting files, attach those files.
Put all files in a folder with your name, compress files as Zip and attach files using site attachments only. Do not use any external links.


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Hi, I would like to know if mac OS High Sierra or Mojave can be installed on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and if yes, is there are guide available for the same ? What all shall work & what is not working ? Please advise.

The Specs. of my Surface Pro 4 is as follow :

Laptop: Surface Pro 4 / SkyLake U
CPU: Intel Core i5-6300U/2.40 GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 420, 2736x1824 Device ID : 8086-1916
Bootloader: Clover(UEFI)


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Hi, I would like to know if mac OS High Sierra or Mojave can be installed on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and if yes, is there are guide available for the same ? What all shall work & what is not working ? Please advise.

The Specs. of my Surface Pro 4 is as follow :

Laptop: Surface Pro 4 / SkyLake U
CPU: Intel Core i5-6300U/2.40 GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 420, 2736x1824 Device ID : 8086-1916
Bootloader: Clover(UEFI)
The hardware is compatible for sure. The WiFi will never work until it gets replaced. No Audio Codec has been mentioned, if it's a 4K/UHD/QHD panel, you'll need to take some additional steps. Mojave can be installed with a working Graphics.

You can follow the Laptop installation guide here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-how-to-boot-macos-installer-on-laptops-using-clover-uefi-legacy.177/
If you've any issues, post your queries in appropriate section.


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Thanks a lot for quick response and I appreciate the same.

The Audio Codec is Realtek High Definition audio 10EC : 0298


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