[Fix] Intel UHD Graphics 620/630 on Laptop


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macOS supports a wide range of Intel HD Graphics (also referred to as iGPU) but some of them might not work out of the box.
This guide will enable Full QE/CI on your Hackintosh.
This fix is for the Hackintosh users who are using Intel HD Graphics as the main GPU.

Before you start with this guide, please know something about the performance. Graphics enhance the performance and helps to work smoothly. In macOS, full acceleration requires that both Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) should work together.

Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) should work together to enable full acceleration on macOS’s GUI. It utilizes the complete Graphics capabilities. In case if you haven’t enabled QE/CI on your graphic card, you won’t be able to use your macOS smoothly and there would be lots of lags and artifacts, graphic related issues and poor refresh rate. Also the dock would not be transparent. Therefore it is very important to ensure that your graphic is working with full QE/CI.

  • Intel UHD Graphics 620/630
  • Original Graphics kexts in S/L/E
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6 or later

Step 1
BIOS Setting:

  1. The very first step is to setup your BIOS. This guide will only include settings for Intel HD users.
  2. To access your BIOS/UEFI, press and hold Delete key on your Keyboard. The key maybe different in your case. Refer to your Motherboard Guide/Manual.
  3. Set Initial Display Output to IGFX
  4. Set Internal Graphics to Auto/Enabled
  5. Set DVMT Pre-Allocated to 64MB
  6. Set DVMT Total Gfx Memory to 256/128MB
  7. Save & Exit Setup.
Note :
When using Intel UHD Graphics, make sure the Display cable is connected to Motherboard HDMI/Display Port.​

Step 2
Mount EFI Partition:

  1. Mount EFI Partition of your system drive.
Step 3
Edit your config.plist file:

  1. The next step is to edit your config.plist file and make necessary edits.
  2. Navigate to EFI\Clover and open your config.plist with Clover Configurator.
  3. Navigate to Acpi tab and add the following patch in DSDT section of your config.plist.
Comment: change GFX0 to IGPU
Find* [HEX]: 47465830
Replace [HEX]: 49475055
Comment: change HECI to IMEI
Find* [HEX]: 48454349
Replace [HEX]: 494d4549
dsdt patches for graphics rename heci to imei.png
4. Navigate to Boot tab and check the following :​
  • Check -disablegfxfirmware box
  • Check nv_disable=1 box
5. Navigate to Devices section and then Fake ID section.​
6. Under Intel GFX column, select the existing values and delete it, if any.​
7. Under Intel GFX column, type 0x59168086

8. Navigate to Graphics tab and add the following:​

  • Check Inject Intel box
  • ig-platform-id: 0x591b0000
ig platform id for Intel UHD .png
9. Save your config.plist file.​

Step 4: Download the Graphics kexts
The next step is to download the required kexts to enable graphics. FakePCIID doesn't works alone. FakePCIID and FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext is needed together to work with conjunction in order to enable the graphics.

  1. FakePCIID
Notes :
  • Download the latest version only.
Step 5: Installing Graphics kexts

After editing your config.plist file, the next step is to install the Graphics kexts.
You can use either terminal or any other app for installing the kexts.

Download the kexts
Extract it to your Desktop
Open terminal
sudo cp -R /Users/your user name/Desktop/FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext FakePCIID
Press enter, when promoted, enter your password

Note :
  • Make sure to replace your user name with "your user name"

Restart your System
  1. After performing all the above steps, restart your system in order to enable the Intel HD Graphics.
  2. Now you should be able to get your Intel UHD Graphics 1536 MB will full QE/CI. And your Dock would be also transparent.

Problem Reporting

Details :
  1. Intel UHD Graphics model
  2. macOS version
  3. Copy of IOReg
Screen shots :
  • DPCIManager/Status
  • About This Mac
  • System Information/Graphics/Displays
Clover Files :
  • Compress EFI/Clover, exclude the themes folder. Do not include complete EFI folder.
Put all files in a folder with your name, compress files as Zip and attach files using site attachments only. Do not use any external links.

Credits :

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