[Fix] Keyboard and Mouse when installing OS X or macOS


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Jul 22, 2018
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While installing macOS, you might have faced issue that the Keyboard and the Mouse doesn't works. There's no response from both the Devices. This is generally caused by no kext present for Keyboard and Mouse, and USB not being working and active.

So here's a quick guide to fix Keyboard and Mouse when installing. The fix works for USB and PS2 interface. On Laptops, the keyboards are generally PS/2 so you can use this guide if the keyboard isn't working.

Get Device Information
The very first step is to get the device information. The device information is basically a manufacturer name and model no.
You can use Device Manager in Windows to get the information

Download VoodooPS2Controller
The next step is to download the required kext to enable the hardware.

  1. VoodooPS2Controller
Note :
  • Download the latest version for better support.

Mounting the EFI Partition and placing kext
  1. Mount your EFI partition of your USB
  2. Copy VoodooPS2Controller.kext from Release folder downloaded above.
  3. Navigate to EFI/Clover/kexts/Other and place the both the kexts to this location.
Notes :
  • If the kext is already present in the directory, replace them with a new version
After making all the necessary changes, restart and boot to the installation.
If the Keyboard and Mouse doesn't work follow the steps below.

Fixing USB Ports
If the devices are still not working, there's issue with the USB ports.

To fix the USB ports, follow the guide here: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/how-to-create-custom-ssdt-uiac.219/

Make the necessary changes and boot off your system. The devices should work now.

Notes :
  • While installing Clover Bootloader, if you've installed "AppleKeyFeeder-64" this can cause issue with the keyboard functioning. You'll need to remove it to prevent further errors.
  • If the PS/2 Keyboard doesn't works, install PS2MouseDxe-64 from Clover Bootloader.