[Fix] No Audio after Sleep/Wake Function


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After enabling Audio, you might encounter no Audio after sleep/wake. To fix this issue, follow the steps below.
  1. Download latest version of CodecCommander
  2. Extract the kext from the release folder.
  3. Mount your EFI Partition.
  4. Navigate to EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other and place the kext.
Alternatively, you can install the kext to S/L/E

Problem Reporting

Details :
  1. Audio Codec
  2. macOS version/CPU/GPU
  3. Copy of IOReg
  4. Method used for enabling Audio
  5. Installed CodecCommander.kext
  6. Output of (in Terminal):
sudo kextcache -i/
Screen shots :
  • DPCIManager/Status
  • System Information/Hardware/Audio(All available Devices)
  • System Preferences/Sound/Output
  • System Preferences/Sound/Input
Clover Files :
  • Compress EFI/Clover, exclude the themes folder Do not include complete EFI folder.
Put all files in a folder with your name, compress files as Zip and attach files using site attachments only. Do not use any external links.

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