[GUIDE] How to create Ubuntu USB on macOS


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Aug 7, 2018
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How to create Ubuntu USB on macOS
Creating a Ubuntu Installation USB is quite easy.
Let's start, but first, you'll need:

  1. A 2GB or larger USB stick/flash drive
  2. An Apple computer or laptop running macOS
  3. An Ubuntu ISO file. You can download it from here.
First, we're going to format the drive (meanwhile you're downloading the ISO file).
How to do that? You can follow my guide for Disk Utility here or continue to read the post.
After you've connected your USB stick to your Mac, open Disk Utility (see the link), then format the USB with this settings:
  • Name: Ubuntu
  • Format: MS-DOS (FAT)
  • Scheme: GUID Partition Map
Then, when all is set up, click on erase.

Now, to write the ISO to the USB stick, we're going to use Etcher. Download it here. Extract the archive and then click on it with the right button of the mouse, while pressing the CTRL button.
Open it and now, Etcher will configure and write to your USB device in three stages:
  • Select image: select the ISO you've downloaded previously.
  • Select drive: replaced by the name of your USB device if one is already attached, lets you select your target device. You will be warned if the storage space is too small for your selected ISO.
  • Flash!: when both the image and the drive have been selected it will activate. Etcher needs low-level access to your storage hardware and will ask for your password after selection.
After entering your password, Etcher will start writing the ISO file to your USB device.

The Flash stage of the process will show progress, writing speed and an estimated duration until completion. This will be followed by a validation stage that will ensure the contents of the USB device are identical to the source image.

When everything has finished, Etcher will declare the process a success.

And you're done!