I'm new here, where do i start from?


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Jul 22, 2018
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I'm new here, where do i start from?

First of all, Welcome to the community!
We are very happy that you are a part of the community, together we will make a better team!
Be rest assured, you stand at a chance to learn more.

Starting something new has always been a challenge and will always be but you're on the way to learn.....Installing macOS on a custom Build hardware is not an easy thing to do. But nowadays, a lot of resource has been introduced and this makes it easy. A special Thanks to those developers who made this easy for us!
There are several methods for the installation and this can be a bit hard which method to choose. Always choose the simple installation method this will create less trouble while you're going for the success on your path.

Here's a few things to start with.

1. After signing up to our forum, read the rules very carefully. This will help you to find what you're not allowed to do here. This will benefit you as well as the rest users here.

2. A good way to start is to begin with the simplest installation guide which will help you in learning the basics and the entire process.

3. For any compatibility when choosing a new hardware for your build, follow the guide here :

4. To find any topics, use the search button.

5. Read Basic Terms and the Glossary for more information which will eventually benefit while you post.

6. According to the hardware, either Desktop or Laptop, move to the appropriate forum and start with the Compatibility guide, FAQ and then finally the installation guide.

And you'll start to learn!
Good Luck for your Journey. (y)